Friday, November 30, 2007

This Week

So I've caught up with what happened last week, but I haven't started with this week. Nothing too earth-shattering around here. I've applied for 9 jobs, was asked to volunteer at a soup kitchen (which I wound up not being needed for), did laundry, cleaned, obviously unpacked...and Monday night I finished the knitting portion of the snake for Little Man.

He still needs to be seamed up, stuffed and have a tongue and eyes made. I'm also plugging away at the scarf, I'm almost halfway done with it. This weekend I hope to etch the glasses for my brother for Christmas, and go to a knitting meet-up on Saturday. Next week I've got quite a bit coming up. A lunch with my Mecklenburg County Bar mentor on Monday, Hubby being away, a play at the Children's Theatre of Charlotte Friday evening, and an all day training and Continuing Legal Education course with the Council for Children's Rights where I will be doing pro bono work. Someone might as well benefit from my having my license to practice now, right?

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