Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just a couple of things...

This blog entry started days ago with one topic and now I've got a couple of things to mention.

I'll start with the original topic. Some of you who know me in life know that being unemployed has made me much more frugal. And being a full-time housekeeper has made me weary of having more to clean-up. Enter: The library. To me the library is the best thing since sliced bread. We take out DVDs (for free) and I peruse magazines (for free) and I get to look at the best books (also for free) AND, I don't have to find storage space for them! Yes! Knitting books are especially great when borrowed from the library. Ever look at a book and only see one pattern that you love? Do you really want to spend $20 on that book? I know I don't. I've borrowed Essential Baby, and many more. The only book I really was upset to give back was the Itty Bitty Hats book. I loved just looking at that book. It will be mine..oh yes, it will, because I did not want to give it back. Anyway one of the books I have out right now is the book AlterKnits by Leigh Radford. Understand that I check-out knitting books just to look at the photos sometimes, and to get a different perspective, not always for the patterns. This book really doesn't have many projects I like. But there are AlterExercises throughout the book intended to get you to think more about knitting. I'll talk about some more of them in the next post or two, but right now I'm going to tell you about one that I really got into: Create a Knitting Action Hero

The exercise: to write about or sketch yourself as a knitting action hero and answer some questions. Here is my sketch and answers.

What is your name? The Cabled Crusader

What planet are you from? Planet PurlOn

What are your super-human powers? I fly wherever a knitter or crocheter is in need of a tool, and magically make it appear.

What does your costume look like? Lots of pink, a silvery cape and a silver knit obi belt

What is your motto? CRAFT ON!

Come on, who would you be?

Next topic:

Like parenting isn't hard enough, now I find out I need to be worried someone will steal my son's identity!?! What the hell?!? Apparently half a million children a year have their identities stolen. That sucks.

Third topic:

All year long there were less than 5 movies I wanted to see. Now during the busy holiday season there are at least 3. Annoying! Atonement looks good, I Am Legend looks good (although it also looks so scary I might have an accident in the theater...don't sit next to me), P.S. I Love You also looks good, and there was another one I'll talk about later when i remember it. But I know I'm not going to be able to see them all, so I'm slightly annoyed.

Fourth Topic:

Ok, enough ranting, I also wanted to say that I am so proud because I founded a group in Ravelry for fans of the ABC show Brothers and Sisters and as of today it has 57 members! And people talk about the show, etc and it feels great that I didn't start this group just to be the only schmo checking in. We may not be as big as the Grey's Anatomy group, but maybe that's not a bad thing. In January we're planning to do a brother/sister-themed KAL to doante to charity.

Sorry for the rambling, today is Day 2 of Hubby being away and I'm not having any adult conversation. Hopefully I'll only talk about one topic next post!


Connie said...

Funny, I have this book and have never seen this! It is a beautiful book though and I love just looking at it. Also, you didn't like any of the projects? I love many of them and have already made several pairs of the lace up gloves.

Sereknitty said...

LOL!!! I, too am a library fan and couldn't bear to give back the itty bitty hats book, so renewed it the maximum 3 times, and then a couple of months later did it again! Love that book :)