Saturday, December 15, 2007


It's been a couple of fun days here in the Craft Chick household. First, Hubby and I went to IHOP on Friday morning. I've been wanting to go for a while, and Hubby thought it might be nice to go without the little one along so we went and I had cheesecake pancakes. They're made with chunks of cheesecake in them. The breakfast also came with 2 eggs, hash browns and 2 slices of bacon ( I took all that home with me). The pancakes were soooo good. Then Friday afternoon Hubby and I went to see I Am Legend with Will Smith. It was VERY Good, it scared me silly quite a bit, and sitting in that dark movie theater freaked me out quite a bit, but I'm glad I got over being a chicken enough to see it. After the movie Hubby finished his fireplace project, and now we have gas logs for our fireplace, I'll have to take video in the next day or two. Friday evening we went to a holiday party with my fellow volunteers from Stand Up For Kids, Inc. I baked a chocolate pecan pie for the hostess and we headed over to her house and enjoyed a few hours of good food, and great conversation. Little Man played with her little girl (who he has played with at Monkey Joe's) and everything was soo enjoyable. And since we usually don't go to holiday parties (we don't know a lot of people), it was a great treat. Later after we got home I was disappointed to realize that the one circular needle I own (free gift with a knitting magazine) was not the correct size like I had thought. So I didn't get any further on the Football Hat than the earflaps I had knit the night before.
Today we ran errands and later I went to the Charlotte Purls Holiday Luncheon at Hickory Tavern. I had some yummy gumbo to eat, learned the long-tail cast on from Michelle (so cool), had some great conversation and received some great treats from Stacey and Connie. Connie gave out knitting needles with balls of Noro yarn pins which everyone promptly pinned on, and Stacey gave out candy canes with knitting quotations. So sweet!

When I got back we were supposed to eat dinner and then go to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to see the Christmas display, but with the ugly weather today we decided to try another day. So we watched Charlie and Lola's Christmas show (from the library) and played. I finished the Christmas cards, then I etched Superman glasses for my brother for Christmas.

Now, I'm going to practice with my circular needle so that I can start the body of the Football Hat, because I think he's going to need that hat soon!

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Sereknitty said...

It never fails to amaze me how multi talented we knitters are ... nice job on the glasses!

Glad you had such a nice weekend filled with fun things to do!