Monday, December 10, 2007

Where to start?

Ok, so last week was a little busy, I already told you that I was going to be going to an all-day Continuing Legal Education (CLE) class that would train me to act as a Guardian Ad Litem for children through the Council for Children's Rights. And I also was contacted about 2 different contract work positions, one I had to decline because it was only for three days and I couldn't miss my CLE day because I already paid for it. The other I am still waiting to hear more about, outside counsel has not started the review yet, so I'm in limbo right now (very frustrating, since the reality is if I do hear back we won't be able to enjoy the trip to my folks' house we had originally planned for the holidays). Little Man in his new Thomas the Train pajamas, won't they look great Christmas morning with all that red?

On Friday after my CLE training was finished I drove home and we had Cheddar Corn Chowder and crescent rolls before Hubby and Little Man changed for our night out. We went to ImaginOn where the Children's Theatre of Charlotte is located. We went to see Little Man's first play, which was The Littlest Angel performed by The Taradiddle Players. The Children's Theatre of Charlotte gives an age guide for all of its performances and this play sounded perfect for us since it was for children ages 3 and above and it was festive. We arrived at 6:50 PM for the 7:30 PM performance and easily parked in the underground parking deck (and only paid $2 when we left).

ImaginOn, a public library branch for children, is adjacent to the Children's Theatre of Charlotte auditoriums, and Little Man played while we waited to get in line.

As luck would have it when I went to purchase our tickets for this play we had to buy tickets for opening night in the Front Orchestra ($4 more/seat) section, because all of the other performances were sold out. When we entered we had our pick of the seats, and we sat RIGHT in front of the stage (seriously you can see the stage in the photo). The play lasted a little over an hour, and it was soooo good. I even dropped a tear when the Littlest Angel's gift was chosen by God as the first gift to the Baby Jesus (the story is really sweet). There was a lot of action, singing, bell-ringing, jokes, and it was perfect for someone Little Man's age. Afterwards, because it was opening night there was a question and answer time after the performance and the actors actually came up to Little Man, talked to him, shook his hand and told him he had been really good during the performance. The whole thing was perfect, it really was, it set the bar high for future performances.
On Saturday we ran errands and Hubby started with the process of installing gas logs into our fireplace (although with temperatures in the 70s, it sure doesn't feel like fireplace weather). Later in the evening we put the tree up and then my friend Elena came over for dinner (Chinese) and to give Little Man his birthday present. Lots and lots of Play-Doh

Everyone had fun playing with Little Man's present, and after he went to bed Elena and I watched The Nanny Diaries.
Sunday I spent most of the day sick, but we did get the tree decorated and we had hot cocoa afterwards, very festive!
And while I didn't feel 100% today, I did manage to get the mantle done and set up the nativity scene. I also did laundry and other things, and I finished two projects.
Little Man's snake
Pop's Christmas Present Scarf (it's actually royal blue, but it doesn't look it in the photo). It is 53 inches of cashmere mix warm-goodiness.

Now I have to finish Christmas cards and then I will start on mittens (from Adorable Knits) and a Football Hat (from Itty Bitty Hats) that will be in Carolina Panthers colors (black and turquoise). Then, I will use these skeins of yarn...

to make this felted bag (pattern courtesy of my Mom who bought me a knitting book that is a companion to a series of books she reads and has gotten me into). I'm looking forward to doing my first felting project, it seems like Shrinky Dinks for knitting, we'll see if it goes that well.

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Wow, you've got a busy life! The snake turned out so cute.