Monday, January 7, 2008

Wow, I'm Behind

So I've really got to catch-up with what's been going on, since I've got new things to talk about! After Christmas was over we spent the next few days having fun, watching good movies, eating good food and drooling over our new things (ok, so I was drooling). My Mom, sister and I went to see the movie P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. I read the book, which I found to better than the movie, but the movie was good. It was funny, sad, and wow, that Gerard Butler is, umm, well, he's a fine-looking actor. On Friday my family and I headed home for NC, and we were just getting things reorganized when I wound up sick. That weekend was mainly uneventful, and then Little Man was home with me the week of New Year's. New Year's Eve I went to the doctor for a prescription for my sinuses, went grocery shopping, helped cook up a seafood feast of shrimp and crablegs, and snacked on Chex Mix (by this point I was sick , exhausted and the whole staying up til midnight thing felt more like a chore). On New Year's Day we had pork and sauerkraut over mashed potatoes (which we have traditionally for luck, and because I love it). I was really excited to have Little Man home with me so I sucked up not feeling good and took him to Ray's Splash Planet for some indoor water park fun on Wednesday, and on Thursday all three of us met for lunch at Boudreaux's Louisiana Kitchen. I had eaten there recently with my bar mentor and thought Hubby would like it. Well he did and so did Little Man. James had the jambalaya (which I had had before and loved), I had Gumbo Ya Ya and crawfish etouffe. I wanted to try the crawfish etouffe since it's in the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, a movie I love. It was alright, but next time I think I'll have the jambalaya again, or maybe I'll try the shrimp and grits (I've never had that before either). Anyway, the food there is really good, and the music really gives the place atmosphere.

On Friday, Little Man and I met up with our friends at Monkey Joe's and bounced around and had lunch there. And we bought some fabric to make him a pair of bottoms that will match his Daddy's pajamas. And on Saturday we took down the Christmas decorations. Before they were gone until next time, I thought I'd share with you the music we heard over and over again, sometimes all at once this past holiday season. Aren't they cute?

The snow globe was a new addition this year, the singing snowman with penguin we picked up last year, and the Santa was mine from when I was younger.

And those photos will have to hold me over until next year! We've also been playing with Little Man's Christmas toys.

His pirate puzzle

Pirate Mr. Potato Head

His pirate chest loot

His Thomas the Tank Engine Numbers Game

Next post, some cute photos of the boys with their Aunt Doozer, bike riding, crafts (two finished projects and some in progress) and a little culture.

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Connie said...

So much good stuff in this post. First, so sorry that you were sick and I hope you are better.

Love all of the music video clips! And, that Santa still plays from your childhood...too cool!

Love the Ya ya sisterhood movie too.

Have an awesome week!