Tuesday, January 8, 2008

As Promised

So last post I promised a cute photo of the boys with Doozer, bike riding, crafts and a little culture. Here we go!

Pictures of my sister Doozer with my son and my nephew (both of whom are her nephews). And in case you've been wondering I don't think I've explained before that my sister's name is not Doozer, it's Susan, I call her Doozer because when we were kids we watched a show called Fraggle Rock that had these cute little characters called Doozers. They were cute and little, just like my little sister was to me, hence the name Doozer, Suzy Doozer if I'm feeling playful, Dooz for short ;).

For my birthday Hubby got be this pink Schwinn cruising bike. It has a name (already on it): Roxie. I've been riding his bike since I started teaching myself almost 2 years ago, so I'm really excited to have my own. (And yes, you read correctly, I'm a beginner bike rider, it's never too late to learn something new, is it?) My family has never seen me ride a bike, and while this video is hardly showing me riding around the bike (which I have done), it at least shows them I can ride without ending up in a bush (that's a story I'm not about to share, you'll just have to wonder).

We've had beautiful weather down here the last few days, in the high 60s, and so it was a perfect day for bike riding and a trip to the playground. Little Man got into the bike riding action too, this footage catches him riding his bike with the pedals, something he just learned how to do.

Last week with me feeling sick I wasn't crafting at all. I didn't knit, I didn't sew, all I did was look at other people's blogs with their crafts. On Saturday when I was starting to feel a little better I decided to jump in and felt my felted knitted tote bag. I've never felted before, and I have to say I was not impressed with the process, it wound up smaller than I intended, but it was necessary to get even felting. It stank like a wet animal which I wasn't expecting, and I had to give it a trim after it dried, but even with all that I would consider it a success. In the photo below is the tote holding the yarn I plan to use for Little Man's Drive-Thru sweater.

Saturday night we watched Deliverance (wow, I REALLY did not like this movie, which I had surprisingly not seen before), and I started my first amigurumi (Japanese crochet toy) pattern, this free gnome pattern from Lion Brand. Had the movie not been so shocking I would have probably finished up during it but as it was i lost count several times while my mouth was hanging open from scenes from the movie. I finished this up the following day while we watched The Polar Express while sitting in front of the fireplace, very nice. And Little Man liked it, he decided to name it Gnome, isn't he creative! A quick easy project using my stash; I plan on doing a lot of these type of projects this year, they don't take a lot of time which will be perfect once I'm working, and I need to use leftover yarn from previous projects.

Currently, I'm working on pajama bottoms for Little Man, so hopefully I'll have some photos of them finished in the next day or so. I'm also knitting Charity Hat #1, and I'm about 50% done with it.

And, because I'm a blogger of my word, here's a little bit of culture to finish up the post! One of Little Man's favorite books is called a Spree in Paree, it's a story about a French farmer and his animals who go to Paris and they see all the sights. The book is illustrated with wonderful watercolor paintings of Parisian landmarks, and it was through reading this book (which until Christmas we borrowed repeatedly from the library) that Little Man learned the following.

Next post: Potty Training Woes and Movie Reviews


Connie said...

Yes, I can't believe you are just learning to ride a bike...Ha! You are doing great however...:)

Also, get some Eucalan wash, they even have it in lavendar. This will help with the stinky wet dog animal smell of felting! They have it at most LYS's.

Sereknitty said...

Good on you for trying something new ... bike riding & felting! My best tip for felting is to put the item in a lingerie bag first, then felt. This will save you having to replace the motor in your washer, due to excess lint build-up :) (Thankfully mine was still under warranty)!

Anonymous said...

He said Pareee! How cute! I love the pic of me with the boys..can you email it to me? I would love to print and hang! Good job on the bike, maybe I'll be next!


Aura said...

How neat. I thought most everyone learned to ride a bike as a kid. Hey truly your are still one. I love your bike and love seeing you ride your bike. Love your felted gnome, too. Bring it to the Purls meeting if you can remember. Love the way your felted bag turned out. Knit picks Wool of the Andes does not stink one bit. It's a super deal too.