Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back from Sickie Land...

Just when I thought I was on the mend, Little Man became sick last Monday and I had to stay home from work with him because Hubby left for Alabama (for work). Midday he was feeling a lot better and his fever was gone. Tuesday he went to preschool and I went to work and felt really run down. I picked him up, started not feeling well, and then I started to feel outright sick. I had to put him down early, and I passed out around 7:45 that evening. I woke up the next morning, dragged myself out of bed, threw on some clothes, got Little Man ready, and took him to school. I came right home and called the doctor (since I had a fever of 101), and they said I could come in in an hour. I laid on the bed, set my alarm and passed out again. I rolled out of bed to go to the doctor and didn't even take my coat off while I was there (or my gloves...I was shivering really bad). The verdict? My immune system needs to be built back up, since I've been sick basically since the beginning of the year minus one week. I caught something else while I was still weak from my previous cold. Antibiotics, steroids, lots of instructions, a stop at the pharmacy and home I went, only to realize way too late I had forgotten to brush my hair before heading to the doctor (UGH!) I slept most of the day, picked Little Man up, fixed him dinner, got him bathed, watched a DVD with him and put him down, then passed out some more. I made it to work the rest of the week, even after Hubby came home from Alabama sick and needed me to take care of him. Now I am spending a quiet weekend recuperating (while coughing like a dog), hoping I have seen the last of cough medicine soon. While hanging around the house this weekend, I managed to finish up projects that were in different states of finishing.This hat is the Brother-in-Law Basketweave Hat that my Brothers and Sisters group made as a knit-a-long. I used yarn from my stash and plan to donate it. It looks better on than this photo depicts, I may have to get Hubby to model it for a photo.

A preemie size Upside Down Daisy Hat. The pattern is from Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson.

Here is the Contrast Band Cardigan from Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits for Beginners. It's been two years since I first learned how to cast on stitches, and this book was the first book I made a project from. This year, in addition to my charity knitting, my goal is to complete the rest of the projects in the book. The projects become progressively more difficult and according to the book if you complete the last project you can consider yourself an accomplished knitter. So I hope to get through them this year.

And the last finished project, is this little amigurumi elephant, here's Peanut!


Grandma North said...

Well, I hope you are soon completely on the mend! The projects are all really nice,and, it seems to me you already are quite an accomplished knitter! Who is the little sweater for? Keep up the good work and don't forget to take good care of yourself.

Connie said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have been so sick...I hope you are better soon.

I love the elephant and the little sweater turned out perfect and that little daisy baby hat...adorable!