Friday, July 4, 2008

Little Brother

My younger brother Marcus...He loves comic books, eating, laughing, tanning, all kinds of music and does great impersonations. He shines when he is writing movie scripts and then shoots them with his friends. He's very artistically gifted...and when I die I hope he'll dust off his trumpet and play Stand By Me, he played it for me once before I left for Germany and it's still one of the top gifts I've ever received. We bond over movies, and have been known to have a night of drinking, storytelling, and laughing when we get together. He introduced me to Dave Chappelle, loves making an ass out of me (what are mischievous brothers for, right?), and is raising his son by himself. He has taught me to not allow myself to be buried in the sand, and I taught him not to drink cooking wine. My son thinks he is the coolest, and I miss hanging with him more than I can say. Love you little brother!
To whom may be reading this post: Sorry I didn't blog for so long, we went to PA and NJ for a beach vacation with my Mom, brother and my nephew. I'm going to hold off on craft updates for (hopefully) only a few more days, I left my camera charger behind at our hotel and haven't been able to juice my camera to take progress photos. But in the meantime I hope to have some things completed that may be fun to look at when I can photograph things again. Cross your fingers that I get my charger in the mail sooner, rather than later!

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Virtuous said...

That picture is adorable!!!!