Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

It's taken me way too long to get these photos up of our recent trip to the Jersey shore. The trip this year was odd...filled with good times and also times where one look at any of us made it obvious we were thinking how it wasn't the same as years past. So we did things a little differently this year. We still ate great meals, still loved the ocean, and we still went to Atlantic Books, my father's favorite stop on the Boardwalk; but we didn't see the lighthouses, and Hubby didn't have his ice cream buddy. We made more memories, got tans, and I took lots of photos. Only a fraction of which you can see in the slideshow below.

We left for PA on Saturday, June 21st, arrived in Reading later that day, and spent the evening with my Mom.

Sunday, June 22nd:
We left Reading, stopped for breakfast, drove 3/4 of the way to the beach and stopped at our usual stop, a rest center along the way. We stopped at the Cape May County Park and Zoo and sweat while we looked for animals too smart to be out in the heat. We continued on, with Little Man excited when he saw the water and boats (and the adults were even more excited). We ate McDonald's for lunch and pressed on to the hotel where we checked in and unpacked our cars. we settled in and then went to the beach. We found massive seashells. The water was freezing, but we got in as far as our ankles before it made our feet hurt. We then moved on to the pool and hot tub. After plenty of sun, sand and water we got dressed for a wonderful seafood dinner. I had crab bisque and crablegs (very yummy). We went back to the room that night, and rested up for another full day.

Monday, June 23rd:
Highlights: breakfast out, boardwalk time (it rained for a little bit), beach time, pool time, hot tub time, nap time, dinner at the Pink Cadillac Diner (yum-o...I had honey-dipped fried chicken), Marcus said good-bye and headed home, we headed back to the grocery store to pick up some things for in-room breakfasts, then went back to the room. During our beach time my brother and I braved the freezing water in search of some more massive clam shells. So we're out there looking and he says, "Do you see any?" and I say, "No, all I see is a Snickers wrapper." Well, he starts getting all excited and says, "Where?" and I think, OK you're weird, but I point at it anyway and then his smile falls and he says, "Oh, you said Snickers wrapper...I thought you meant a Snickerswrapper that was an exotic type of fish or something," I kid you not, I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.

Tuesday, June 24th:
in-room breakfast, beach, pool, hot tub, lunch, nap time, hot tub time, dinner in the room (steaks, salad, corn), mini golf (my Mom's first time playing we're out there and she's walking on the green and she trips and dang near falls...and we're both all freaked out because she hurt her ankle and she has a REALLY bad back...and there were people everywhere who saw her almost take a nosedive, and I think, wow, what would have happened if she had fallen and hurt herself, would people have had to play around her lying there like mini-golf roadkill? And then I say, you shouldn't walk on the green because it's uneven, and she looked at me like, why didn't you tell me that about 9 holes ago?), ice cream treats, back to the room

Wednesday, June 25th:
We had in room breakfast, played on the beach (horseshoes and digging), watched dolphins, swam in the pool, had lunch, had nap time, dinner at Piro's, playground fun, ice cream (notice a theme?)

Thursday, June 26th:
We enjoyed the playground, beach and the pool some more, watched the dolphins for the second day, and after cleaning up and resting a little we went to a used bookstore where we all got carried away. We loaded up on books (like Mom bought over 10 and so did I..we REALLY bought a lot), you'd have thought we had never been in a bookstore before! After that we had more good eating at the Vegas Diner, fun on the boardwalk, and ice cream. At the boardwalk we played more at the arcade, went back to Atlantic Books where I picked up a knitting book (After Dark Knits at a bargain price), and I went to have my fortune read. I picked up funnel cake and we got ice cream for everyone else and then headed back to the room to enjoy our treats. And like every other evening I knit a little.

On Friday we packed, checked out, had breakfast, and then headed back to PA. We had pizza that night for dinner. On Saturday, my Mom and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics, the Farmer's Market, AC Moore, and Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Then we worked on cutting pieces for some projects for the boys, and then we had ribs, corn and salad for dinner. On Sunday we drove home.

Wow, we fit a lot into a week!

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Connie said...

Looks as though you all had a fun filled week! Wow that hole was huge and your little man sure is growing up. It's nice that he has a cousin to play with.