Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Made It!

So I bet you thought I wasn't updating my blog because I was so busy trying to complete my Ravelympic challenges. Not quite. I've been working long hours at work. Since my last update though, I did manage to finish my last 2 Ravelympics projects...and my MEDALS are over on the sidebar! I finished my Little Autobahn hat (the pattern for which I'll write up in the coming weeks and will offer for free through Ravelry).

I also finally made it back to a Knit Nuts meeting! I've really missed it, especially sitting, socializing and crafting with Connie (my personal Obi-Knit-Kenobi). Here she is below at our meet-up this past weekend.

And here's Robin, a newbie to our group who is just bursting to learn more about crochet.

On Monday, August 18th, at 8:44 PM, I finished what I have named The Row Home Afghan. Like I said last post, I started it six years ago when we had rented a row home in Upper Darby, PA, for me to start law school. Six months later we broke our lease to get the heck out of there, and the unfinished afghan, started for the decor for that house, just was put to the side. I mean, I did have other things going on, like studying :) The Ravelympics was just what I needed to get that afghan out of the bag it's been sitting in and finally finished...that corner of the closet looks so empty now!
The next couple of weeks will be busy at work and at home. My brother is coming for Labor Day weekend which I am so excited about. And Little Man starts his new school on Monday. His new school is rated 5-star, has a guinea pig named Pumpkin and 2 fish in the classroom, and has a field trip to a petting zoo scheduled September 19th...it's about as different from where he is now as can be, and I hope it puts Hubby's and my mind at ease that he will be well taken care of when he is not with us. Also, I ordered something I'm really excited about that I will share with you when I receive it, and our cruise is quickly coming up!
Next post I'll give you a peek into my craft room, and will hopefully have my first ever completed sock to show you!


Connie said...

Love that afghan! We had fun Saturday and I always enjoy chatting fiber with you...LOL

You have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks...have fun hun!

capemayclimber@aol.com said...

I actually like the afghan..hope you do as well...and the feeling of accomplishment for completing it...and getting a ravelympic medal too! The hat is just TOO cute. Anxious always..to hear news from way down south.
Love,as always, Mom