Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ravelympics Kick-Off Weekend

So the Ravelympics kicked off Friday morning at 8 PM Beijing time, which was 8 AM my time. The Ravelympics is a knitting Olympics set-up to coincide with the summer Olympics. We cast-on and will cast-off by the end of the Olympics and have chosen different events. I chose the Hat Dash and 2 entries for WIP Wrestling. So, on Friday morning I snuck into a conference room at work for 2 minutes so I could symbolically cast-on and take a photo. The only project I had to cast on for was the Lots of Eyelets Hat in preemie size, so I cast on for it.

Later that day I had my hair done.

And on Saturday, though I have other projects to work on, like my nephew's Superman Sweater (the back is below)...

...we went to Little Man's swim class and later that afternoon I headed to the Charlotte Purls meeting where I started learning about socks.

Heather, our teacher for the day.

At the meeting I picked up three coordinating skeins of yarn that a fellow Purl was destashing, and I knit half of my class sock.

Later that evening while Hubby and Little Man watched pre-season football I worked a little on the hat.

Last night, after cleaning a lot, I finished up the hat. Tonight I will hopefully start the appliques for the other hat that I'm trying to finish for the WIP Wrestling Event, and then...

...after nearly 6 years of not being finished, I think the Ravelympics is the perfect time to finally put this project to rest...don't you?


Anonymous said...

knitting olympics..interesting, and right up your alley..your hair looks so good!!!


Anonymous said...

Ravelympics...sounds like a good challenge for you. Hope you get a gold medal for finishing that 6 year old afghan! You go girl!
Love, Mom

Connie said...

Your projects are coming along and I see you've been thinking socks. I can't wait to see your first pair.