Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crafts in My Craft Room

My craft room, where Craft Chick gets crafty :)

I actually took these photos a couple of months ago and didn't get around to sharing them until now. I have hanging closet organizers now for my yarn, but other than that it looks the same. I actually don't do most of my crafting in here, I prefer to knit while sitting with my favorite guys.

The finished Superman emblem for sweater number one. I'll be working on the sleeves and another back on the road.

And, here is my Sock Yarn Cinema shipment. I stumbled across this club through Ravelry and was lucky enough to get a last minute slot. The club ships once a month (I only purchased one month), and you don't know what the yarn looks like or what goodies you'll get with it. But the inspiration was from 'Gone With the Wind,' and so I had to have it. The yarn is a limited edition colorway called Tara. It is sock yarn so I'll be knitting up some socks to wear around the house to remind me of Scarlett and Rhett. And with the yarn came a lavender verbena sachet, lemon knitter's hand balm, some cotton and a lovely letter tying it all together written by Scarlett's mother. It was so exciting to take part in this club, and to have it related to my favorite movie. I won't be knitting these soon though, I have two sweaters to get done by November first!

Next post I hope to share with you about my trip with Little Man's school to a drive-thru safari, and my Baby Surprise Jacket progress. But that won't be until next week, because my family and I are off to a new adventure tomorrow, and I'll share more about that later too!


Connie said...

That is a very nice craft room. I love the colorway of the yarn for the GWTW club.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing the craft room. It is really sunny and bright...truely an inspiration. Enjoy the Gone with the Wind items and good luck with those sweaters. The new adventure for you and yours? Can't wait to read all about it...and see pics..of course!
Love, Grandma North