Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Brother and Labor Day Weekend

So on Labor Day Weekend my brother flew in for a visit. It was his first time flying and hearing how it felt for him was so fun. We picked him up from the airport Saturday evening...

...and took him to Boudreaux's Cajun Kitchen for some Bourbon Chicken over Gumbo Ya-Ya. We also ordered an appetizer of Fried Alligator which everyone munched on. Marcus hadn't had fried alligator before and said he liked it. Little Man like it a lot...maybe because we didn't point out to him what he was eating!

That evening after dinner we went home, gave him the tour and then settled in for some movie viewing in the media room, which is just my brother's speed, especially after a long day. And since he came to us under the weather, he bundled up under a blanket on the couch and vegetated for a while.

On Sunday, we had breakfast, I pre-made mashed potatoes and cooked potatoes for potato salad, and then we headed to the festival at Matthews Alive. It was horribly hot...horribly! But the food was great (I loved the fried mushrooms which I had had last year). We all ate after finding a spot to sit under a tree, and then Little Man went for a ride on the carousel. Marcus and I danced a few salsa moves while listening to the live band, it may have been delirium from the heat, but it was fun.

The heat was really oppressive so we headed back to the car, and the men (and boy) had their picture taken with a Carolina Panthers cheerleader, which she then autographed. Then we walked to the car and headed to the Siskey YMCA waterpark.

The water was so cool and refreshing.

All three grown-ups went down the slides. And Hubby got the lifeguard to rescue a little boy who got away from his parents and went down the slide. Then we went home, had dinner and relaxed. We had Dairy Queen ice cream. enjoyed a movie and turned in.
The next day we had breakfast, went to Barnes and Noble, had lunch at the lake...

and then we headed to the Simmons YMCA waterpark for the last hour of outdoor pool swimming for the summer. The fellows had a great time playing with water blasters.

Think this face looks like that of a guy having some fun on vacation?
After we had fun at the pool we headed home, had my friend Elena over for steaks and potato salad, and my brother was finally up for watching Harry Potter (#1). The next morning we hung out at the house, ate some hot cereal, watched a movie that had been shot here in Charlotte, and then met Hubby for lunch at Hibachi Grill. After that I drove Little Brother to the airport, and sadly dropped him off. Then I headed into work.
Since Labor Day I've been busy with work, and this past weekend we spent some good family times together. This week I'm working long days so that I can chaperon Little Man's field trip on Friday...and next week, we leave for our cruise! I've also been making craft progress that I hope to share soon, and I still have those craft room photos to share next post.


Connie said...

I am so happy that you had a nice visit with your brother and you will have fun on that cruise! I want to see lots of photos!

Sinéad said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!
Enjoy your holidays!