Tuesday, October 28, 2008

End of the Cruise Chronicles

After arriving at my sister's place, I recuperated from my night out and regained my land legs, I met my little sister's boyfriend and my little sister cooked us this awesome meal of stuffed shells. We entertained Little Man with Shrek, he played Legos with my sister, and after talking and laughing for hours I took Little Man and Hubby back to the hotel to turn in (it was 5 minutes away) and then went back to Doozer's house to watch, "The Legend of Billie Jean," a movie we watched when we were younger. We made a quick wing run, and then sat on her floor eating wings, sharing laughs, and just having a good time. After the movie I went back to the hotel, turned in, and got a good night's sleep before we got ready to grab McDonald's breakfast for us and Doozer to eat at her place. After that, it was time to say good-bye and get lots of kisses. And then, we were on the way home.

And so, we headed closer to reality and further away from our glamorous time on a cruise ship. I'll catch you up on crafting and life, hopefully, next time.


Anonymous said...

It looks like y'all had a wonderful visit..and we all know how much Aunt Doozer LOVES Little Man! The chronicles will be mis sed. Somehow...life isn't always as much fun..busy as it is.Anxious to see what else you have been up to.
Love,as always,Granma North

Connie said...

Love the photo of you and your sister laughing! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!