Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Projects of 2008

Last year was a productive project year... while this slide show doesn't include EVERY project I made (a lot of cards didn't make it), let's look at the numbers...

18 child-size hats
12 sweaters (mainly baby-size and 5 made in December!)
6 washcloths
5 knit toys
3 socks
3 pajama bottoms (sewn)
2 pairs of knit shoes
2 afghans
2 dresses (one sewn, one knit)
1 pillow
1 set of potholders
1 window valance
1 robe
1 quilt sewn
1 tote knit and felted
1 yarn bell
1 row counter bracelet
countless cards

So many of these projects kept me company on the bus going back and forth to work, and through some hard times when a complicated stitch pattern kept my mind occupied. I learned a lot, and gave a lot, and I hope to be able to do those two things again in 2009, and so far, it looks like I'm off to a good start! Next post I'll show you what I've gotten done so far in 2009.

And speaking of giving...for anyone who hasn't thrown away
their greeting cards yet, there's a fantastic way to recycle them!
You can send in all occasions, but so many of us receive a lot of
Christmas cards that would only go in the recycling bin. Sending
your card fronts to St. Jude's Ranch gives abused and neglected
children an opportunity to learn about recycling while also earning money
from the sale of the remade cards.
A great cause, without having to spend more than the postage to get the fronts there!
I hope everyone is enjoying 2009 so far and is successfully sticking to any resolutions that were made!


Connie said...

Loved the slide show of all your FO's for 08, you have been a busy bee! Great idea for old Christmas card fronts too, wish I had seen that before I tossed mine.. :( Anywho, looking forward to your new FO's for 09!

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