Friday, January 16, 2009

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way...

Sometimes life gets in the way of posting here, and this last week I was busy with Little Man. He was so sick, and spent the weekend and three days of school home with me. Lots of time in Mommy's bed watching dvds on the laptop, lots of crying, lots of very little get the picture.

But before I left off I was going to show you my projects so far for 2009, and two projects that Little Man worked on. For Christmas Little Man made Hubby and I an ornament for the tree with popsicle sticks and a photo of him.

And after the New Year he couldn't wait anymore to do the dino dig that Aunt Doozer had gotten him for Christmas. He had sooooo much fun using his hammer and digging out the T-Rex skull. And the dig actually came with a real fossil, so I thought that was really neat.

You can't really tell in these photos, but his pants have a dinosaur print on them, I love a good theme, but I didn't even do this matching up on purpose!

Thanks Aunt Doozer!

As for me...

...these toddler-size socks were a straddle project, one sock was completed in 2008, and the other in 2009 (almost 2 AM on January 1st).

I made this Hippity Hoppity Buddy Bag, complete with lining and a felt bunny finger puppet.

Then I made this hooded scarf with set-in pocket to coordinate with the buddy bag that will be a gift for a little girl who is celebrating her 2nd birthday soon. And with this project and the socks completed I now have only one more project to complete in the book I have been working my way through for the last three years. But before I get to that project I have some other things I had to get done first and some things I wanted to get done first.

I had to get this sweater done to ship to my Mom for her co-worker.

And a few months ago I had bought the charms and findings I needed to make stitchmarkers and I wanted to have them done so I could use them for the Clapotis (more on that in a second), so I sat down and in 20 minutes I had 5 new stitchmarkers with fortune cookie, Chinese take-out box, chopsticks, sushi plate and buddha charms. I love how they came out, which is good because...

... I started the Clapotis shawl/wrap which is such a looooong project and it requires 18 stitchmarkers, and so if you have to look at them for hundreds and hundreds of rows, it's nice I've got some pretty ones to look at. The Clapotis has you knit stitches twisted and then drop them creating floats that create stripes down the wrap. I've only done two drop stitch rows so far, so you can only see mini-stripes at the far right. I've got a loonng way to go with this project yet.

I did manage to crochet this up quick though for some friends of ours who had a baby last month. The mother loves elephants like I do, and so I thought this elephant pacifier bib was perfect. The trunk has velcro to hold a pacifier.
That's all of the projects I've knit and crochet so far in 2009 and that I have started, but I do plan to cast-on for some mittens in the next few days. It's finally gotten cold here!
Oh, and I did do one other thing I set-out to do...

...I donated blood (and have now checked another thing off my 101 things to do in 1001 days, now if i can just get around to updating my list with what I've accomplished so I know how many more tasks I have left!)


Anonymous said...

Im so happy that the Dino Dig was a hit!

Aunt Doozer

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