Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time to get crackin'...

Wow, the days flew by and I'm soooo behind. I'll start with some photos from Little Man's school field trip to Petco. I went along since his field trip was his first day back at school after being sick for a week. I was worried he'd be tired and thought having me there would be good, but he was fine. Although I think he was glad I came. He and his friends enjoyed seeing the birds, petting a cat, looking at a snake, petting a ferret and seeing the fish and mice. Then they took the bus back to the center and I headed home. This week I'm heading in on Tuesday to read to his class, I thought it would be nice to be able to do some of the things with his school I wouldn't be able to do if I was working right now.

Little Man's field trip was on Wednesday, and on Saturday after Little Man's swim class we headed to Atlanta to visit our friends and their three (as of December) children. I'll post the photos from that visit next post. But before I end this post, two movie reviews, courtesy of Craft Chick:
While the movie is considered a bomb because it didn't bring in tons of money at the box office, Hubby and I both really loved it. It was the kind of movie that has a little bit of everything: romance, comedy, drama, fight scenes, history, war, you name it, this movie probably has it. We scored this movie a 9/10, and I look forward to seeing it again when it comes out on DVD. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman were great, and the cinematography was gorgeous. The colors and scenery were amazing. And, I felt that the length of the movie allowed the story to fully develop. Nicole Kidman goes to the wild land of Australia (from England) and must lead cattle across the land with the help of Hugh Jackman's character who doesn't think she can do it and doesn't like her one bit. But the story only begins there while we watch and learn how the Japanese headed to Australia after bombing Pearl Harbor and that the mixed children of white men and aboriginal women were abducted and taken to an island so that they wouldn't be seen.
There have really not been any Will Smith movies that I have hated (Wild Wild West came close, but I didn't feel like 2 hours of my life was completely wasted), and this movie again shows his range as an actor. Facing the first holiday season without my Pop and having just been laid off, Hubby sweetly suggested we see a movie that would cheer me up. While I wanted to see Four Christmases, he suggested Seven Pounds and so, knowing Mr. Smith puts out a good movie, I agreed. I spent the whole movie bawling, like I went to the bathroom to compose myself midway kind of bawling. This movie is deep, depressing, deep, and oh, yeah, deep! Beware of seeing this movie if you are sad, even a little bit. Basically Will's character has done something horrible that he feels he must pay for, and the strange way he pays his penance is at once moving and disturbing. I'll give this movie a 7/10, because the movie was well-acted, but the crying went beyond a good cry to the point where my eyes were red and swollen when we left...meaning, it went too far for me to watch again. I do have to applaud Mr. Smith though for continuing to take parts where he breaks away from the cocky, humorous guy image for which he is best known.

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Yeah, it was deep..many tears from me as well..Doozer