Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crafting Update...

At the urging of my Mom (Hi Mom!) I got my tushie over here to update the blog. I want to tell you a little about our Valentine's Day weekend, but I'll hold off on that for now and get to some crafting! Last week, Hubby traveled to Alabama for work, and I was back at work (at least for the next week or so) and it was pretty busy getting Little Man to school and back and getting to work. So I didn't really do much crafting or anything. The week before I did make this sushi-inspired birthday card for my sister using digital images. And I made the envelope to match. I couldn't show it here until after she received it. And, for the last month I have been cranking away at the Clapotis wrap for myself. It almost broke me, all the hundreds and hundreds of rows. Although, I did learn how to drop stitches to create the pattern of the shawl. I finished it this past weekend, and will be using it to keep warm from now on.

Next time I'll share photos from our visit to Discovery Place, but for right now I'm going to explain what a stitchmarker is, for a faithful reader who asked...a stitchmarker is used while knitting to mark a row where a specific knitting action should be done...for this project, I would knit in the back of the stitch before each stitchmarker and knit regularly the stitch afterwards. By using 18 stitchmarkers as directed by the pattern, you can knit without having to read the pattern stitch by stitch or count each stitch the entire time. Stitchmarkers have rings that enable you to put them directly onto your knitting needles and then just shift them as you knit. A lot of knitters collect them since there are so many cute, beautiful kinds; and are considered a sort of jewelry for your knitting.
Next time: Catch-Up with the Craft Chick Household

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Connie said...

Your Clapotis turned out beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person.