Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last June I started a Drop-Stitch Tank with Lion Brand's ribbon yarn called Incredible. I did the back, disliked the project (and needed more yarn) so I put it aside. Since I'm not buying yarn for Lent, I picked this project back up from hibernation. I should have left it there. It is WAY TOO BIG! In this photo it is clipped behind my back because I have too much pride to allow myself to be photographed in a very interesting sack. So, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but, at least I stayed with it and finished it.

And this past weekend, also in the spirit of coming out of hibernation, we went for a three-day weekend for our first stay in our new beach spot. I've had some requests for video, so I took smaller clips this time around so I could post them here, and I'll split them between 2 posts.

It poured a lot during the weekend, but we were snug and cozy watching movies, eating, napping, (I was knitting), playing and reading. The rain let up plenty during all three days, and so we were able to play on the beach (not in swimsuits of course), collect seashells, and enjoy how close we were to the beach.

The view from our bedroom window, we could see the ocean peaking over the dunes and hear the waves.

Little Man loved running all the way up the ramp to the lookout.

Hubby and I loved the view!

More on the trip next post!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the tank top would fit your MOM!! The beach pics sure look like the season has officially started. I LOVE the lookout too.

Anonymous said...

Well..i sure can not wait to join you at the Bitchen Beach House! I named it that in my thoughts of it, hope you dont mind..heheh..anyway, looks oh so FAB! Those views are great, are they right near you? Whats that wooden rampy thing, did Hubby build it? Like the Wooden City?..kidding :)