Thursday, March 26, 2009

Proud as a Peacock

So, I haven't shared photos of my new knitting bag...because I've been using it everday! I've gotten so many compliments, and I love how roomy it is, and I got a great deal. Plus, it has a Buddy...they're both from Namaste, and the bag is a Newport in Peacock and the knitting accessory case is a Buddy case also in Peacock.
The color really falls between these two's a deep, rich blue. There are two magnets in addition to the closure that keep everything inside, and there are feet on the bottom.

And there are lots of pockets and a deep I have one side for knitting and another for everything else.

The Buddy Case has a divider and is magnetized inside to keep embroidery needles from going missing.

The other reason I am proud as a peacock is the Drive-Thru sweater I made for Little Man. I love this pattern! First off I made a size 6 in 10 days and it was an easy, non-stressful knit. Second, the stripes only used remnants of Wool-Ease yarn so I only used two skeins of blue (that I had bought earlier for this project).

Third, it was an easy introduction to double-stranded knitting when the yarn colors were transitioned (one stitch in one color and then one stitch in the other all the way around). Fourth, I bought this pattern and felt like it was a great deal since the pattern covers ages 2-16 years old. And fifth, the sweater is knit completely in the round and is seamless. So, first I knit the body to the armpit, left that on the needles, knit each sleeve, left them on the needles, and then knit it all together. Very cool. And sixth, I did flawless short row shaping at the back of the neck. So, completely a proud as a peacock moment.


Anonymous said...

the knitting bag color is so ALMOST makes me want to take up I can get one. Is it by the same company that the one you won at the baseball game is?
The sweater for Little Man is also a great color. Good for you..being proud as a peacock!
Love, Mom

Virtuous said...

Spread your feathers WIDE gurl!!!!!! You should be proud!! :) Now to look at that sweater.....mmh