Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cookin' Up Lots

I've been cooking up lots of crafts and food!

I finished my 1st pair of socks knit 2-at-a-time. They're knit in 2 different colors to learn the technique (so you learn to differentiate the two).

We're cookin' up a plan to vacation for our wedding anniversary, and we're excited to spend it in our beach spot!

I've finished my February Lady Sweater. The sweater came out great, not sure if I like the fit though, but it's so soft I'm sure it will grow on me!

On Saturday, after Little Man's swim class, we headed to Barnes and Noble for some book and magazine browsing and some treats from the cafe. It warmed my heart when Little Man said, "I love it here."

Today I got to work cooking and baking for the upcoming trip. We don't want to eat out the whole time we're away, so we're taking a big old cooler full of food that won't keep us from the pool and beach.

Fruit salad

Chocolate chip muffins and coffee cake muffins

Tuna Salad

Need to chop/dice a whole bunch of onion or celery?

Get yourself the Vidalia Wizard!

I got mine after using my Mom's and loving it!

Pasta Salad

Potato Salad

Shrimp in Marinade to be Grilled

Pumpkin Muffins

Fresh corn cut off the cob to be sauteed

Yes, dear readers, we're eaters, and we aim to eat well while we're away. Plus my sister will be joining us so we have to make the trip great so she'll come again...and make the food look good so my Mom will tempted too ;)

Til next time, have a great week!


Buster said...

Love the February Lady - pretty color and it looks great!

Sinéad said...

So glad I finally got to see your feb sweater! The colour is lovely and it looks great. perfect for if the beach spot gets breezy. How did you find the two at a time socks? worth doing again?
Happy Anniversary to you both, I hope you have a lovely trip to the beach, and save me some yummy muffins!

Virtuous said...

Oh my goodness I wish I was going to the beach with you!! B/c you know I love your spreads!! :oD

Happy Anniversary Rose! And wish you many more years of love and joy overflowing together!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a fun post to read and look at all the great pictures! I know you will enjoy your beach vacay..and that yummy food as well. Love the sweater...and the socks. Don't worry...if I could get down there right now..I'd be there..heheheh. Love,as always, Mom

Anonymous said...

P.S. Happy already got your card!

Aura said...

You are so smart. Eating out does get expensive, not mention it's not really healthy. The food looked delicious. I'm sure it's been eaten by know.