Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Vacation

Our week trip to the beach was great! We were able to visit my little sister, Doozer, and celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary on 7/15th. We arrived in Myrtle beach Monday morning, I dropped off Hubby and Little Man at the campground, and I picked up my sister who rode into town on a Greyhound while Hubby and Little Man rented us a golf cart. We quickly got back and started unpacking the car and getting the beach spot ready for some good times!

After getting the food in the fridge and showing Doozer around we hopped in the golf cart and grabbed some lunch at Sandy's Meet N Eat. Then we went back to the beach spot, changed into swimsuits, and headed to the pool to cool off. Little Man had a blast, literally, shooting the water guns that are located around the pool.

That night we grilled hamburgers, and ate some of the salads I had made. We also played Rainbow Fish bingo and rode around the campground. That evening after Little Man was tucked in for the night, we listened to some rain outside, and watched Shag ( a movie that takes place in Myrtle Beach). It was a nice laidback start to the vacation!


Anonymous said...

laid back sounds good! Wil anxiosly await chapter 2. Love,as always, Mom

Aura said...

Water parks are so much fun!!It's been a long time since I've been to one. We used to go to one every summer when Andrea and her brother were little. One of these days, I hope have the same fun with Taite and Caleb.