Friday, October 23, 2009

September Beach Trip

I think it must be the mark of a very busy life when you wind up blogging about something that happened a month ago...whatever the case, I'm about to do just that, because the trip to the beach spot was fantastic!

The last two trips we had taken in July and August we had company accompany us, but this trip was just us. We had a great time and enjoyed incredible weather.

We made it to the beach...

And a man who was fishing gave Little Man a fish from his net (he was catching small fish to use as bait). Little Man ran up to me with this half-alive fish in his hand and put it right in my face...I appropriately shrieked, and helped him get a bucket filled with water. Sandy, as Little Man named him, jumped out of the bucket many times before Little Man decided to let him go...he ran to the water's edge and hurled him through the air, to the horror of his mother (me) who quickly explained that we do not throw fish. Then he bawled because his fish was gone. He quickly scurried back to the man, who, thinking Little Man was sweet, gave him two more fish. One he named Candy, and the other I don't remember. They too jumped out several times, but before leaving Little Man gently released them into the ocean to be back with their friends.

The trip was pretty uneventful. We had a great view, and we bought a solar-powered light decorated with dolphins and a lighthouse from a local craftsman.

We love this handy feature of the beach spot...the outdoor shower really helps us clean up easily.

Little Man really enjoyed boogie boarding.

Here you can see the welcome sign/lightpost while we roasted marshmellows.

We really enjoyed a laid-back, relaxing weekend with plenty of beach time, ice cream, and time at the pool.
Next post I'm going to tell you about another kind of trip we recently took...a hardcore trip....the NJ Lighthouse Challenge! Stay tuned for tales of winds, flooding, eleven lighthouses, 430 miles and walking the plank!

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Anonymous said...

great pictures and stories from your last trip to the beach spot! Little Man with a live fish in his bare hand...I can only imagine. As a survivor of the Lighthouse challenge...I must say that last trip you guys had taken,,,sure looked DRY!!!! Love to you always, Mom