Sunday, November 1, 2009

It was a dark, rainy, spooky night

After past years' pumpkins rotting before Halloween, we usually wait now to carve our pumpkin. We picked up our pumpkin the weekend before Halloween at the pumpkin patch, and carved the pumpkin on Thursday night. We used a software program to design a face (you give the measurements) and then printed it out and used it as a template. We hadn't done that before and it worked well, although it seemed needlessly tedious for a jack o'lantern. But we're a house of technology and the program only cost $1.50, so it was worth it for Little Man and Hubby to get just the face they wanted. Little Man enjoyed scooping out innards, so it's nice that no matter how much times may change, some things stay the the love of a boy for pumpkin guts!

Halloween was dark and rainy this year and it really gave the neighborhood a spooky quality to it. We headed out with umbrellas and Little Man with his lantern and went to 6 houses. At his second house the elderly gentleman asked for his trick, Little Man looked up at me and I told him to do a little dance, the gentleman and his wife enjoyed the performance and Little Man got a treat. One house had scary grown-ups and Little Man was too scared to get candy. He started backing down the sidewalk and a woman not in costume came and brought him some candy. He was ready to go home after that, and enjoyed watching the kids who came to the door. He enjoyed the day quite a bit more this year!

He loved dressing up as Iron Man...we had to make sure he had layers on underneath his costume, because as he told me, "Mommy, Iron Man doesn't wear a coat!"


Anonymous said...

iron man doesnt wear a coat..i heart that!


Anonymous said...

too cute...the jack'o lantern and Ironman! Grandma North