Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leading up to Christmas

I had hoped that I would be able to make this post all about 2009's projects, but I haven't made a slide show of them yet, so I thought I would talk about the rest of 2009 before doing the project post.

So we drove up Dec. 22nd to PA, and Little Man was so excited it had snowed there. The next day he had a ball playing in the snow with his Daddy. And, because it was cold outside, we found other ways to have fun inside when cookies weren't being baked. We brought the Wii with us, and even my Mom got in a little Wii action.

On Christmas Eve (also my birthday) we went to Barnes and Noble and had lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Later, after a filling dinner of Italian sandwich (yum!); Hubby, me, my brother and his fiancee, Little Man, my nephew, and my brother's fiancee's daughter (the cute little girl you'll see below) walked up the hill to the lights display at Hillside Park. It was very cold, but the lights were beautiful as always, and the line to see Santa wasn't long at all. Both boys sat with Santa and excitedly told him what they wished for.

Then, after enjoying the lights some more, we headed back down the hill for some present-opening and cake...I warn you, don't be jealous, I told you we (including me) brought home quite a haul!

My sister got my the book "In the Kennedy Kitchen". My mother got me "True Compass" (the autobiography of Ted Kennedy), a pink sweater, and a pink turtleneck. Little Man got me a horse figurine and a clip light, my brother got me an iTunes gift card, and Hubby got me a watch and Endless Ocean (a Wii game).

Then we all stuffed ourselves with chocolate cake...and afterwards sipped chocolate peppermintinis!
Next post: CHRISTMAS!!


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what a fun reminder! Love, Mom

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