Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 was filled with lots of presents, fun, and more faces as my brother's fiancee and her daughter joined the festivities.

We woke up Christmas morning and Little Man was excited to go downstairs to see if Santa had come. Santa indeed had come, and outdid himself yet again. My Mom, Hubby, Little Man and myself opened gifts from each other (and Santa) before my brother and his family arrived. Little Man had asked Santa for a racetrack, a plane and a ball...and was happy as he unwrapped not only those items but other things like a big Lego set from Grandma. Hubby had asked for mainly DVDs, and enjoyed unwrapping those as well as a snowglobe from Little Man, amongst other things. I was beside myself when I unwrapped some books I had wanted (Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story...for my Kennedy book collection, a book about Cape Cod, a finger puppet book), along with Harmony interchangeable knitting needles, Wii Fit Plus, DVDs, and all kinds of fun surprises. My Mom, well, the sign of a good gift is when the recipient cries, right? Well, then mission accomplished when I gifted her the scrapbook of the lighthouse challenge that she had asked for. It was all tricked out with fun stickers, anecdotes, facts, cool photos and some stamps...and did I mention stickers ;)

After we cleaned up from present-opening, my brother and his family came over and the tidal wave of wrapping paper surged again. Afterwards we enjoyed cookies and eggnog for breakfast (tradition), and then played some Wii. The rest of the day was spent cooking Christmas dinner, watching kiddie movies, and looking at all of our neat presents.

When we came home my three new Kennedy books needed a perch, so I reorganized my bookshelves to make room for all of my books to be placed together. And now I look forward to reading my new books throughout the rest of the year!

I hope everyone reading had as blessed a Christmas as we did...with all that is going on in the world, we were truly fortunate to have as nice a celebration as we did and to be able to spend that time together, even if we were missing two very important family members!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the recap of a very busy Christmas..and the great pics too! I'm just happy that we all can gather together and have a good time together. Love,as always, Mom

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