Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chuckles the Class Guinea Pig

The weekend of March 12th, our family brought home Chuckles. Chuckles is Little Man's class guinea pig. There is a sign-up sheet on the door and the willing families take him home over the weekend. When we picked him up he had been transferred to his travel cage and a baggie with his food was on top. He did great on the ride home, and we placed him on the ottoman in our den for his visit. We was very sweet-natured, and loved the carrots and celery that Little Man and I fed him. He was a little skittish, quickly running into his little house at the sound of most noises. But, overall, he was no trouble. And it was interesting to see a guinea pig up close without having to buy one. Some things were a little gross, like his food and poo getting mixed together and looking the same (which led to him eating both and spitting out the poo...quite a sight). But other than that, we enjoyed a smooth weekend with out little visitor...and he safely went back Monday morning. We even made a trip to the library to find books on guinea pigs that Little Man had fun doing, he loved learning so much about Chuckles!

And I also finished whipping up this cream sweater sized for a 6-9 month girl. You may recognize the silhouette, it's the pattern for the 5-hour (aka 7-hour) baby sweater sized a little larger. Still easy, still a great finished piece!

Next post I have some non-knitting craft things to share!


Sinéad said...

I think class guinea pigs are a great idea, it's like having a pet but not having the all-the-time caring for it worry. I could handle the odd weekend!
Although I had to laugh at the poo/food mixup!

Connie said...

We used to have a long hair guinea pig called Whiskers. I had to give him haircuts often and he loved baths and getting blow dried. He lived for 4 years and my kids really liked having him. Key is keeping their cages changed often, and funny we never had the poo-food mix up..LOL