Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dyeing to Share

On March 6th the Charlotte Purls had their meet-up at The Fibre Shop at Yarns to Die For. The reason for the change in meeting place was because Debbie, the owner, taught us how to dye yarn! After some pretty simple instructions we used squeeze bottles to handpaint our very own skeins of yarn. It was messy, but fun, and after we finished dyeing we wrapped them in plastic wrap so they could be set in a turkey roaster to steam for 30 minutes. Then we took our yarns home to rinse them and then dry them.

I now have 2 skeins of superwash wool yarn. One I think I'll call Mardi Gras...

...and the other looks like Hyacinth to me...what do you think?

I've got some other things to share that will have to wait until next time...I've got packing to do so we can leave tomorrow for my brother's wedding!

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Sinéad said...

Ooh I love the yarn! The Mardi Gras looks great & the Hyacinth is a perfect name for the shade. Isn't dyeing fun? have a great time at your brothers wedding!