Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Before Last

I've got enough things to share to take up a couple of posts, but the best place to start is not from this past weekend, but from the weekend before that.

It all started early that Saturday morning when I did my 2nd indoor triathlon at the YMCA. You may remember I did my first last year. I don't have any photos from the event this year, but I do have the certificate and a new long sleeve t-shirt. I did better this year, which was encouraging. And now I'm thinking about doing a bigger outdoor triathlon in September. I would need to train A LOT to be able to do the 9 mile bike ride though, so I'm still on the fence about that one.

Later, after Little Man's swim class and some errands, I went to the Charlotte Purls where I worked on my Ravelympics project. Then I went home and Hubby, Little Man and I went to Musashi for dinner to celebrate my finishing the triathlon. Little Man even had miso soup for the first time, and liked the tofu which he thought tasted like noodles.
Sunday we woke to another day of gorgeous weather. We drove to Uptown, parked the car and walked through the city to the Convention Center for the 20th Annual RV show. We had a good time looking around, and even got to walk through a million dollar RV/bus. Little Man got a clown to make him a cat balloon animal, and we got loads of exercise. Then after a couple of hours at the show we enjoyed a leisurely walk to the car while I stopped to take photos of some of the beautiful water features along the way. The fountains and water displays are a wonderful part of the city. And you know, I love a water feature!

And to finish off a weekend of fun, I made a big old batch of homemade meatballs!

Next post: Did I or didn't I meet my Ravelympics goal?

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Sinéad said...

Congratulations on completing the triathlon! I bet you feel great after doing it. Gorgeous pictures of the water displays, no such luck of finding anything like that in Dublin lol.
Oh, and I laughed at your last line, "Tune in next time to see if I finish my Ravelympics". Reminds me of those soap dramas on the tv.