Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, for at least four years I've been interested in doing a triathlon. I have no idea why, it just intrigued me. Every now and again I've looked at beginner triathlete websites, but I would always be discouraged. Mainly because of the biking portion (remember I only learned how to ride a bike a couple of years ago and I still stink), but also because, well, let's face it...I'm not the fittest of the bunch. But about a month ago I was at the YMCA working out (thinking I would lose some poundage while unemployed) and I saw a flyer for an indoor triathlon the Y was hosting to raise money for community outreach. So, after thinking a little about it, I signed up for the Super Sprint, the smallest of the three triathlons. For the Super Sprint, I showed up to start at 8 AM. Hubby and Little Man came for moral support and watched me do 8 laps (.25 of a mile). Hubby took this photo of me letting him know I had one lap to go...he was timing me with a stopwatch for my certificate of completion. After swimming and getting my certificate signed off on, I rushed to the locker room to change into clothes for the next two legs of the event.

It was hard changing while not dried off, but then it was off to bicycle for 20 minutes. It was set-up as a spinning class with loud, motivating music and didn't seem too bad. Especially as compared to the hour-long spinning classes I've taken. I finished that, had my certificate signed, grabbed some water, and then headed to the run.

This photo was taken when I started...on the treadmill. I thought we were going to be able to do laps in the gymnasium, but I had to run/walk the 1.5 miles on the treadmill. People, the treadmill is not my friend. It seemed like my ankles felt every single step.

All I can say is is that I'm glad this blog's content is determined by me, because I am making the executive decision to NOT post the really bad photos that Hubby took of me in the last tenth of a mile. I've seen wild boars that look more attractive. And, fortunately for me, Hubby took video of me running and looking hideous, but he did it sideways so it isn't postable here. (The SHAME).

After I finished my run, I sat for a few minutes so my legs wouldn't feel too much like Jell-O. I drank water, then headed downstairs where there was fruit and bagel bites laid out to refuel. I even ate a half of banana (and I hate bananas). Then I showered, sat in the sauna, got dressed, and met back up with Hubby and Little Man (Hubby had watched the whole triathlon, Little Man went to Child Watch and played with some other little kids). I left with a certificate saying I completed a triathlon, and a long-sleeve t-shirt. It felt really good to know I could do it.

Afterwards we went to the post office to set-up my post office box, then to Barnes and Noble, Earth Fare to pick-up some Coconut H2O (potassium filled to prevent muscle soreness), and then later to Charlotte Purls to participate in the Mitten KAL photo. Then I raced home to clean-up the house and got ready for my friend Elena to come over for dinner (Chinese) and watching Sex and the City:The Movie (she hadn't seen it yet). By the time I went to sleep that night I basically collapsed into the bed. The whole day felt like a marathon. But I went to sleep a triathlete!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! You are an inspiration to others..Glad it wasnt me on the know since my tumble from one, I dont do those anymore! WAY TO GO ROSE!!!!


Sinéad said...

Congratulations, I bet you're really proud of yourself and rightly so!

Virtuous said...

Great work Rose!! Keep it up! :o)

Anonymous said...

Its truely amazing how you can do whatever you set your mind to do. Congratulations on being a triathalete! Yes, the whole day sounds like it was a triathalon.
Love, Mom