Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 11th, 12th, and 13th!

Holy moly, am I behind!!  It was all for a good cause though!  I've got some projects finished in the time I was away from blogging, and I will share them once I finish the vacation posts!  And you won't want to miss the next post!  Beautiful scenery, yummy food photos, a little crafting history...the next post will have a little of everything!  But to get us there, we've got to talk about the first few days of the beach trip!  And what a fun time that was!  It was overwhelming at times having another family with us...but the weather was beautiful and the water was gorgeous!

Sunday, the 11th, we spent in the kitchen mostly.  Like last year, I made tuna, pasta, potato and fruit salad.  We also whipped up some muffins, cut corn off the cob, and got the shrimp in a marinade.  Yummy!  We also made it to the Y for some pool time!

Monday we got up early to hit the road.  It was a decent drive.  We stopped at our normal stops, and when we got there we got Little Man some lunch before he and Hubby headed off with the M-Family for a fire truck ride around the campground.  I worked on unpacking food and getting the beach spot cooled off while Becky, her little boy Max, and my Mom kept me company sweating.  Later, after having some nibbles, and the kids had come back, everyone changed and we headed to the beach for some water time.  We also hit the pool for a little.  And that night we grilled hot dogs at the house the M-family had rented for the week.

The next day after muffins and fruit salad, we all met up and headed to the beach.  The kids had a great time.

After the beach we all headed back to our places and had lunch.  We had grilled shrimp, sauteed corn, and salad...YUMMY!!!

Later, we headed to the pool!

After more pool time, we all headed to get dressed and ready for the luau.  The luau takes place at Ocean Lakes, you buy tickets beforehand.  We had dinner there and enjoyed a show.

We saw hula dancers...

and an American Indian...

...Becky, the kids and I got on stage to learn how to hula, and Hubby and Rob were chosen from the audience to do the 12 days of Hawaiian was hilarious!!  Everyone had their own little motion or dance to do with their segment.

After that, it was time to watch the fire throwing!!!  Awesome!!!

Monday and Tuesday were over in a flash, and we were looking forward to Wednesday...we didn't know we were going to be having another extreme vacation adventure yet...wait til you hear all about it!!!

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Sinéad said...

Sounds like a great but frantic time! Glad you all enjoyed it. Little Man is quite the water baby, he loves it!