Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Can Still Type...Barely

So much has happened in our neck of the woods, but I haven't blogged about it yet because I've been using all my free time in the evenings to work on a new baby blanket for my nephew.  Because when you're this cute.... really need a handknit blankie from your crafty aunt!

I'm really hoping I'll be able to finish the blanket up this week.  I'm following the super easy instructions from Mason-Dixon Knitting for a log cabin blanket.  The blanket is 95%'s just time-consuming.  But I wanted to make him something that will last a little while.

In other news, the day after my nephew arrived, we received a VIP visitor...

I drove to the airport to pick the special visitor up (and took a photo of the water feature at the airport)

Our special guest?

MY MOM!!!!

My Mother flew down from PA for her first EVER trip down South!  That's right people, she hadn't journeyed south of the DC Metro area before, and obviously, it was her first trip to North Carolina too!  We had known for a while that she would be coming, and the house was full of activity before she arrived with us trying to get everything ready for her (I'll blog a little more about that in another post).  I was so excited I could barely stand it!  In fact, I knew one problem I would have was trying to reign myself in from trying to show her EVERYTHING!

We took it easy on Thursday when she got in.  I picked her up (after we both walked around looking for each other for a while).  Then we drove home, met up with Hubby there, gave her the tour...and then we went to pick up Little Man at summer camp at the Y.  Next, we were off to Boudreaux's Louisiana Kitchen for dinner where my Mom had her first taste of gator (fried up with remoulade) and a hurricane to drink.  Later that evening we looked at photobooks, Hubby and Thomas gave the special lighthouse they had made to my Mom,  and we relaxed before turning in.

On Friday we woke up leisurely, Little Man went to camp, and we puttered around the house before going baby shopping.  Then we headed into Uptown to McCormick & Schmicks for lunch.  Look at the lovely salad!  I also had a delicious tilapia entree!

After lunch we stopped in to my office so I could show off my Mom and Hubby...then we headed to the West Side Meat market to pick up massive strip steaks...then we drove home, dropped Hubby off, and headed to SouthPark Mall for mani/pedis at Avalon nail salon.  Mom had never had a professional mani or pedi before...and in the below photo you can see her getting both at the same time!

That night after picking Little Man up from camp we had pizza for dinner and watched a movie.  Then we turned in.

Saturday we did a lot of running around.  We packed up our baby gifts for Connor...Little Man had swim class and got to show off for Grandma North...we went to the post office...went to the dollar store for Little Man to spend the "Mommy Bucks" he had earned...we went to the library...we did some more shopping...and then we headed back to the house to get ready to grill out...

Our neighbors from up the street came down and we feasted on huge strip steaks (an inch thick), corn on the cob, a yummy tossed salad...and then three different desserts.  Afterwards, everyone headed to the backyard to enjoy a ride on a new acquisition for the beach spot...a new set of wheels!

The beach spot is located in a place where most of the vacationers drive golf carts around.  It's mostly out of necessity because the campground is so large...but it's also fun!  So, we bought a used golf cart to drive around there, and drove it around for "rides" before it's inaugural trip.  We did keep the golf cart on our property because it is not street-legal.

We were only getting started with my Mom's visit...but it went by so fast..too fast...

next post: prep work and the BEACH!


Anonymous said...

I had a great time!
Thanks for everything.

Sinéad said...

Sounds like you had a fun & busy few days with your Mom!
The log cabin blanket looks really well, I like your colour choices. Oh, and the salad from the restuarant looks divine!