Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can You Stand the Cuteness?

The first weekend of August we left EARLY Thursday morning and headed to PA, to meet my new nephew!  We got to my Mom's house late afternoon, ate some homemade macaroni and cheese (YUM!), and hung out.  The next day we went to JoAnn Fabrics (so much fun craft shopping), KMart, and the memorial gardens before eating a big old diner lunch and making the hour drive to my brother and his wife's place.  Little Man and Hubby played with Ethan and Shannon while I met Connor in person and talked with Kaitlyn and my Mom.  We had a great visit oohing and ahhing over his littleness. 

I also got the chance to give him his blankie!

Look, he was curled up in it right away!!

That night we had a yummy Outback dinner before heading home.

When we went back to their place the next day we knew we would be staying over.  And what an evening we had.

Of course, there was more Connor cuteness!

And more cuddles!

And the kids played on the kiddie-sized tractor, and the scooters.

When my brother got home the party really got started.  I hadn't seen him since March for the wedding, and we always have a great time laughing and joking around together.  He told some funny stories...and then he and Kaitlyn put out a spread that left us all completely stuffed.  Specifically, beyond yummy strip steaks and grilled went great with the pasta salad we had brought.

After that the menfolk talked computers, while the kids ran around and the ladies conversed.  Then, we all had dessert...and then watched, "The Invention of Lying," which was completely bizarre, deep and beyond funny, and went great with mudslides!  A perfect evening of family, laughs, and food!

We turned in that evening, woke up the next morning, and all headed to a diner buffet breakfast before we got ready to head home.  But before we left we took some photos with the new member of the family.

Can't wait to see them again!!


Anonymous said...

It really was a great family weekend! Thanks for posting your take on it!

Sinéad said...

What a lovely post. And the cutest baby ever! He's so tiny!
Your blanket was perfect, too. He looks as snug as a bug in a rug all wrapped up in it.

P.S. The Invention of Lying? Wasn't Rob to die for in the movie? All nerdy type with his hair slicked back and the glasses. Sigh.

Aura said...

HI Rose - So nice of you to stop by and comment on my Charleston visit. Make sure and come back, I wrote about the Tea plantation. Your nephew is 110% adorable. What a beautiful blanket you made. I know he will treasure and carry it when he's older. So sweet of your son and the baby too.