Friday, September 3, 2010

The rest of the story...

Oh my goodness, I have people looking for an August blog post, but I'm not finished talking about July yet!  What to do?  Get to finishing one story so I can tell some new ones!  This post I'm just going to show you really how we finished our longer beach trip with my Mom.

On Thursday, our 10th anniversary, we had a great time on the beach until a quick rain storm came and we ran back to the beach spot for some crafty time, a movie, and lunch.  Then we had some downtime.

Later, we headed to the pool, then grilled out before roasting marshmellows.

The next morning the kids went to Kamp Starfish for the morning while we packed up.  Then we picked them up, took Little Man's picture at this character cut-out, and then both families drove to Ripley's Aquarium.

The kids loved the sharks and interactive exhibits. 

After the aquarium we all had lunch together at Johny Rockets at Broadway at the Beach before hitting the road for home.

The next day we enjoyed pool time, hibachi, and a movie with yummy Southern Belles to drink.

And the next day, with Little Man sad and crying in the backseat, we dropped my Mom off at the airport.  But it would only be 2 weeks until we would see her again!  The next post will be up in a day or so, so be sure to check back to see all about when we met my new nephew!!

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Sinéad said...

Sounds like a lovely end to your great holiday. Roasted marshmallows, yum!