Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall Crafting

We have enjoyed making, revisiting, and discovering quite a few fall crafts over the last couple of months.  Don't get me wrong, it's not like we haven't been eating...

I mean, we couldn't miss Thanksgiving!  But, I've got quite a few cute projects to share.

First off, we have two items that we purchased from other crafters while at Ocean Lakes at the beach spot.  They hold a craft fair every year, and it just so happened that we were there to see everything this year.  First we picked up this cute jack o'lantern guy that sits up himself.

Then we bought this beautiful stained glass window for our beach spot door.  The maker and her husband came and installed it for us, and now it makes the inside of the beach spot glow...it so beautiful to see first thing in the morning.

So far this school year, Little Man's class has been asked to tackle decorating a teddy bear and a turkey to bring back and display at school.  The turkey was supposed to be disguised so it wouldn't get caught!  The ideas that the kids came up with are so cute!!  Little Man's teddy bear is in the photo below, top left.  He wanted his bear to dress up like a basketball player, and we did it with his school colors.

One family cut up an old shirt to use for the bear's clothing...so imaginative!  I have to say, being a crafty person myself, it is so hard to follow Little Man's idea for what he wants to do and not take over.  But so far, so good.  Although, I draw the line at using cereal or cookies.  Those are for eating, not for crafting (just my opinion, but...after getting a folder full of crumbled animal crackers from a picture he made at school..I'm sticking to my guns on not using cookies or dry cereal).

His turkey I helped with a little more.  He came up with the idea, and I traced the turkey and made the pieces in the color he wanted.  He colored the turkey...isn't he cute?

There were lots of other cute turkeys!

The school also gave us the idea for another project when we went to the Thanksgiving banquet and saw these projects on the tables.

The kindergarteners had made the turkeys, another grade made the vases.  Since Little Man wasn't able to bring home his turkey I decided that they would be a perfect craft project for Thanksgiving.

So, while the turkey roasted in the oven and potatoes boiled on the stove..Hubby, Me and Little Man made the above tp turkeys...I love the big bug-eyed turkey I made!

And after dinner, while we waited til our tummies had room for chocolate pecan pie, we worked on this project that I found at Oriental Trading's website. 

On each leaf one of us wrote what we were grateful for, a great way to remember all that we have to be thankful for in our lives.  Although, after watching our neighbor's home consumed by fire on Thanksgiving Eve, we already were reminded of that fact.

We also took a trip down memory lane enjoying some cute crafts of Thanksgivings gone by...

I hope all of you reading this blog have had as much crafting fun recently as we have!!!

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Anonymous said...

Shannon and I enjoyed doing the tree and leavws this past Sunday..since Thanksgiving was hectic. Ethan,however,was too en-
grossed with his new Transformer
from his other Grandparents! I also
displayed the wreath we made a few
years back.
Of course...I DROOLED when I saw the stain glass Lighthouse!!!!