Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Fun

We've been so busy lately, and partly because we've been having a lot of fun enjoying fall.  Little Man and I got off to a great start when we sat one afternoon, with glasses of apple cider, and put together treat bags for the kids in his class for the Fall Party.  Little Man is going to a private Christian school this year and they do not celebrate Halloween, instead they celebrate fall.  I volunteered to bring in treat bags and here's what I came up with:  cellophane baggies with candy corn and pumpkins, fall bookmarks to color, mini orange bottles of bubbles, and apples with individual cups of caramel for dipping.  Little Man helped me put together the cellophane baggies.  The rest I assembled into orange paper bags with fall foam shapes glued on that I punched holes into the top of and thread ribbon through.  The kids seemed happy with them.

The day of the fall party, the kids were asked to dress up as Bible characters.  Since Hubby had already jumped on the Halloween costume shopping one Saturday while I was working, we had to come up with another costume.  A website called Costume Supercenter came to the rescue and I avoided making a costume from scratch.  Little Man went as a Wise Man.  He also had to make sure he had something to stand-in as a present to the Baby Jesus...sweet, right?

He wore sneakers with his costume though, he said he wouldn't be able to play if he had to wear sandals, and since it was a little on the chilly side, I figured it would be okay.

The fall party happened right before teacher in-service, so it was on the Wednesday before Halloween.  I came to bring in the treat bags and had a fun time watching the kids eat some treats.

In the photo above is Little Man's kindergarten teacher.

The kids also did a craft that was provided by the Room Mom...painting silk leaves and then putting leaf prints on foam pumpkin shapes.

Hubby was away for work until that Friday, so on Friday night, we did the Jack-O-Lantern.

Little Man had been excited to carve the pumpkin ALL WEEK!

On Saturday we went to the Fall Festival held at the church where Little Man's school is located.  Open to the community, $2 admission is charged, and then all the activities are included and at each game or ride you get some candy.  It's a fun, safe way to celebrate.  They even gave us a free commemorative fridge photo magnet.  It was a nice outing.

That night Little Man was scared by his own costume.  He was afraid to see himself in the mirror.  But he went trick-or-treating, asking over and over if he was "terrifying."  And he was pretty scary looking, until we would get to a house and he would start almost hyperventilating with fear.  So sweet...still a little guy, no matter how big he feels!

And that night, when we got back, Little Man said his favorite part was seeing the other kids in costumes and giving out candy.  So he set-up his chair right in front of the door so he could see when someone was coming.  He was exhausted when he went to bed.  But he said as we turned the lights out that, "it was the best Halloween ever,"...until next Halloween no doubt!


Anonymous said...

What a great posting! Y'all certainly did have a Happy Halloween. I love both his costumes. Thanks for sharing all the fun. Love,as always, Mom
P.S. now..I'm off to class!

Sinéad said...

Aw. Scaring himself in his costume! He did look good... Your treat bags were a great idea, I love them!

Connie said...

Finally got here...LOL I love the bags, you did good!