Friday, January 7, 2011

Working on it!

For reasons I won't go into here, the Craft Chick household has had a rocky start to the New Year.  And you may recall, I tend to stay away from posting sometimes when the going is gloomy, since, well...I hate to be a downer.  But, I have so much to share!  And so, as I sort through Christmas photos, and Little Man photos, and 2010 project photos...I felt I needed to share SOMETHING to hold you over until I have everything together for a great, big, photo-filled post.  And so, I present you with this photo, of a project I just love to pieces.  It is a baby-size afghan called the Tree of Life Afghan.

Now, you never know when it may come in handy to have a BEAUTIFUL baby blanket.  But really, I chose this as the knit-a-long project for the Brothers and Sisters group that I moderate over at Ravelry.  Because the show is all about life.  And the fact that the whole blanket was made from half of ONE skein of Pound of Love yarn by Lion Brand, it's soft and washable; make it all the better as an heirloom for some lucky baby! 

So, this gorgeous project cost me less than $6 to make.  The pattern is free at the Lion Brand website, and the yarn, which is usually $9, I bought for sale! 


Sinéad said...

That's a really cute blanket. I made the full size version of that a couple of years ago as a christening present for my SIL's new baby. I think I would have preferred to make your smaller version! Perfect for the Brothers & Sisters KAL.
Hope you're all feeling better now and ready to take on the New Year!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the newest project. Of course, you really are a craftchick. It is soo pretty.
Love Ya, always

springstitches said...

It's so nice, like freshly fallen snow - but I'm guessing much warmer. Great thriftiness too!

Kimberly said...

Amazingly beautiful. You are a real talent.