Saturday, February 26, 2011

As Blue as the Deep Blue Sea

When I was younger, my favorite color was purple (or lavender).  Then for quite a few years, pink was my favorite...especially in my clothing choices since I had been complimented quite a few times that pink looked nice on me.  Basically, my color favorites come in phases.  I can tell you that my Mother's favorite color is blue, and my Father's favorite color was blue...but I have no idea what my own absolute favorite is.  It's almost like I'm a walking mood ring I suppose.  Recently I've been loving blues.  Pale tranquil spa-like blues...and dramatic peacock blues.  So I was very excited when I received my Sock Yarn Cinema shipment this month.  Remember, I don't order from Knit It Up for every movie featured...just for favorites.  And Titanic is one of my favorites!  Along with the yarn are some sketchbooks as extras.  Kate described this month's shipment with the following:

"When I watched the film looking for a color inspiration, the 'Coeur de la Mer' sapphire and diamond necklace was perfect!  It captured all the themes of romance, intrigue, and above all, the mystery of the ocean.

For extras - what better than some sketchbooks you can keep in your knitting bag to draw or chart your project inspirations? (I suppose you could sketch French prostitutes too, if that's your thing.)  These Bon Voyage themed beauties fit the bill, and they're 100% recycled too."


I'm thinking this yarn is destined to become a shawl, like so many of my skeins will ultimately become...because, well, they just seem to PRETTY for my be hidden by shoes...I want the gorgeous color where everyone can see it!


And, like I said, I'm liking the peacock blue right now, and so, I chose it for a pair of felted slippers, the pattern for which I found through French Press Knits.  I'm hoping to finish the last small pieces tonight and sew them up so that tomorrow..YIKES....I can felt them.  Felting is not a technique I enjoy, so I really need to jump in and get to it before I talk myself out of involves my washing machine, hot water and agitating the knitted pieces until they felt and shrink...not fun...but hopefully, if all goes well...they'll be really cool slippers!


Anonymous said...

it IS beautiful color! A shawl would be delightful as well. That
pkg. must have just made your day!
Love,as always,Mom

Sinéad said...

Oh my. That shade of blue is just gorgeous. I've never heard of that club, do you sign up for a year, or can you buy as you want? I love the notebooks too, I love getting little things like that in the mail!
I share your fear of felting things, I've never done it (on purpose) before. I should really put on my big girl panties and just give it a try. How bad can it be???