Sunday, February 20, 2011

3rd Annual Indoor Triathlon

Yesterday I participated in the 3rd annual indoor triathlon at the YMCA that we go to.  The local newspaper actually ran an article that you can read online here.  I've done the tri the previous two years, but felt like this year I wanted to level up to the Intermediate level.  I've been trying to work out more consistently (and I'm feeling a little stronger thanks to the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout).  So, before I could change my mind...I signed up for the Intermediate level, and then concentrated on working on my stamina, and increasing my strength a little.  My start time was not until 11 AM, and that allowed me to be plenty nervous when I got there.  In the end, I was so glad I decided to go to the next level!  I actually did better than my practice times, and, was SOOOO happy I wasn't last! 

This year we got a goodie bag that included a triathlon t-shirt with the date, and the goodies below...isn't that nice?

On the way out they told me to be sure to make it for the outdoor triathlon in September...I may just have to do that!


Anonymous said...

The article from the Charlotte Observer was an interesting touch to your blog! Thanks for sharing your sucess story with us,and, again..CONGRATS. Love,as always, Mom

Connie said...

When I first saw that arm...I'm like oh no Rose got tattooed! LOL So proud of you and you completing the triathlon. Now if you really to get a tattoo, at least get a pretty one! Ha!

Sinéad said...

Well done you! Fair play for pushing yourself to the next level. You should be proud of yourself.