Friday, February 11, 2011

Fingerless Gloves

Last week was my fabulous co-worker's birthday and I finished the fingerless gloves I wanted to gift her just in time.  And, luckily, she LOVED, REALLY loved them.  She showed them to everyone.  She's probably somewhere right now showing them to someone, because, well, she loved that they were made for HER...the color, the length, everything, was made with her in mind.  If you knew her, you'd understand...she's fabulous, and so, she need some phenomenal fingerless gloves.  I hope they give her lots of cozy moments!


Fingerless Gloves


Sinéad said...

Isn't it the best feeling when your knitting is truly appreciated? You'd knit for people every day if they appreciated it like that!

Connie said...

Those are so pretty! She really looks happy to have them and what a beautiful young woman too!