Sunday, July 31, 2011

A New House!

Remember how I said the Craft Chick household had a lot going on?  Well, I really meant that.  Two weeks ago we bought a new house.  Our current house is still on the market, but we'll be moving into the new house in the next couple of weeks in time for Little Man to start at a new public school.  It's been a hard transition so far...the new house is beautiful, but, Little Man and I especially, are sad to leave our home.  We're trying to get excited, but, right now it's lots of packing and acknowledging the many changes that are just around the corner.  Little Man is enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer camp, and Hubby and I are packing and taking loads to the new house before the big furniture move that will happen soon.  Want to see the house?  Check out the photos and a little video of the first floor.  There's a basement too that we'll be finishing.  The community has lots of houses, 4 pools, a golf course, walking trails, tennis courts, and a playground that's a three minute walk from our house.  It's a new way of living, and hopefully, we'll have many years of love and fun.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that the sale of our current home goes smoothly sooner rather than later!

Little Man in what will be his room.

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Anonymous said...

The new house looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing in the excitement...Love,as always, Mom

Sinéad said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful home. I love it! The kitchen is amazing, an island counter! Love the master bath too, it looks huge, and the deck? Yum! It looks like you will have many happy years there. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly with the sale of your current home.

Anonymous said...

Congrats..the house could not BE any lovlier!


Virtuous said...

What a blessing!