Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Spirit

My work schedule with so much overtime this holiday season put a bit of a cramp on holiday prep time at the new house, and it was hard for me to let go and not have everything done the way I normally would.  But with two mortgages being paid every month I couldn't say no to the hours.

Being short on time could have killed the Christmas spirit, but our neighborhood was so festive I think it would have even melted the Grinch's heart.  It started Dec. 2nd with a Christmas tree lighting in our neighborhood.  It was freezing cold, but lots of families came out with an ornament for the kids to put on the tree.  We listened to the choir from the elementary school sing 'O Christmas Tree' as the lights lit up and volunteers handed out hot chocolate and cookies.  It was such a charming sight to see....very Norman Rockwell!  

The following morning our neighborhood had Santa come to meet with the children.  A clubhouse was decorated, and it was all so perfectly organized.  There was hot chocolate, cookies and goody bags inside, and outside a mini train ride, face-painting, balloon animals, and Marines collecting toys for the needy.  We were there for about 15 minutes and we were able to do everything before I had to leave for work.

And the last step towards having lots of Christmas spirit? Decorating the tree while sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.

Oh, and watching Little Man as he so seriously decorated the mini tree in his room!

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Sinéad said...

Wow, you live in a great neighbourhood! It's great to have such community spirit, something that's sadly lacking here in Ireland I must say. I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas, even if you did have to work so much. Happy New Year to you all!