Monday, December 12, 2011

More Than Meets the Eye!

Celebrating Little Man's birthday this year became more than meets the eye.  With new neighborhood friends my husband guilted me into having a small party at the house, cupcakes and treat bags at the school, and then we celebrated with just the three of us at the beach.  It was exhausting.

We started with a get-together at the house.  Did I mention my husband decided a week and half earlier that the school party wouldn't be enough? And that he pulled the "What kind of mother tells her kid he can't celebrate his birthday with his friend" card? He did.  Doubt he'll be doing that again, since he saw how much went into a "simple" get-together.  

Going with the Transformers theme, we handed out invites that required no RSVP, asked the kids to just show up with themselves, and had two games before we enjoyed some homemade cupcakes.

The first game was a rock em sock em robot tournament.  Everyone took turns until there was a winner who won a ribbon.  The second game was the Optimus Prime pinata that the kids LOVED hitting over and over again.  They challenged each other to hit it different ways.

After the pinata the kids ran around the house for a few minutes before we all sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes and ice cream.

Each of the kids left with some fun treats, including these fun rock em sock em robot rings!

Little Man enjoyed Round 1 of the birthday festivities, and I was just getting going!

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Sinéad said...

Last minute anythings are not good, but last minute kids parties? Oh dear. BUT, you certainly appear to have done a great job. I think you could organise anything at this stage! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday Little Man! I'm sorry I'm so late.