Monday, November 28, 2011

Can You See It...Sort Of?

Hubby has been making progress in the basement.  It will still be months until the space is finished...but with every bit of progress Hubby feels a sense of accomplishment and I feel hopeful we won't have such cluttered rooms forever.

Below is the plan for the basement.

Straight ahead where Hubby is standing will be the craft room/guest space.  

Both pictures below are facing the the left is the craft room.

Storage closets at the back of the media room.

The media room

Facing where the "screen" will be.

If we get good sunshiney weather in the next few days, I'll take more progress shots...there are heating/ cooling vents, pipes hooked up (no sink or toilet yet), and dry wall (yes, actual walls!).

What a project!!

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Sinéad said...

It's looking great! Your hubby is a great handyman :)