Sunday, February 12, 2012

Custom Ordered Buzzy Bee Slippers!

A post ago I shared the fingerless gloves that I made for friends of mine.  I had to get them done because I had a very important custom order to get to...bumblebee slippers for Little Man.

He was very specific about what he wanted.  He wanted yellow and black stripes, wiggly eyes, antennae, stingers, and wings.  Wow.  In case you're wondering, no knit pattern exists for slippers like what my son wanted.  My sister said it was my own fault...after all, if he didn't have a Craft Chick for a mother, would he even think to make such a request?  I have no idea...but, what my son wanted I couldn't refuse ( I mean, how can I say I'm trying to foster an appreciation for handcrafted if I didn't give it a try).  So, I set to work to come up with fabulous bumblebee slippers that fit all the criteria.  In the end, the only thing I would have liked to implement better were the wings.  I wanted to crochet half circle wings that would extend out from the slippers, but, in the end the shape never looked quite right, so I went with what you see in the end result.

The finishing touch? Puff paint on the bottoms to keep them non-slip.  One bottom has his name, the other the year.  And the yarn is an anti-pill type that I found at A.C. Moore...hopefully the slippers will hold up as long as his quickly growing feet will fit in them!


Anonymous said...

too cute! Was he happy with them?

Anonymous said...

OMG, they turned out awesome!!