Monday, February 6, 2012

December Highlights Part 2!

Since January is already over (where did the whole month go?!?) I thought I better quick fill you in on the rest of our fabulous December!

I got some crafting in when I used the Cricut to make a sleigh card for Little Man's teacher and I put a gift card and some candy in it.

Little Man got pajamas made by his Crafty Grandma (hmmm, may need to come up with a suitable Craft Chick nickname).  The pajamas say I love grandma...very cute and comfy!

I had a great birthday filled with family, food (we ate a LOT), cards and gifts.  I even got some time to myself to squeeze in a run! It all started with a great breakfast at a local diner where the waitresses sang 'Happy Birthday' and brought me a muffin with a candle in it.  We went to the memorial garden, ran some errands, and my brother and his family came to help me celebrate.

My brother also decorated my cake, and wrote a message about me being so old.  That's how he is, ever the jokester!

Christmas morning was filled with surprises for everyone!

And more crafty goodness from Grandma North.

And some cool new gadgets!

Then we headed to my brother's house to do it all again! And we hung out and had dinner.

And, we opened our traditional Christmas crackers.

And the kids were too cute in personalized Santa hats that my sister-in-law had for them!

The kids always have a great time together.

The day after Christmas my brother, James and I had some fun deep in the woods.  We went for a hike...

...and then we went shooting.  We had so much fun shooting up glass bottles and a spinning target.

Bet you weren't expecting that kind of an end to the Christmas festivities post, were you? 

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Anonymous said...

cool post...a little bit of everything! LOve,as always, Mom