Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I've already shared photos from the first steps of the basement project.  Hubby had to dry-seal the basement. He put up walls where we wanted them. He insulated, and hung up drywall. He installed the vents for the air conditioning and heat.  He wired for electricity where it was needed. (I'm sharing on a very simplistic level, but you get the idea).  The next step was to mud the drywall.  Over the course of four days, several coats of mud were applied to the drywall, and then sanded down to smoothness.

Photo of craft room as you descend the stairs

The Craft Room

The Office

Media Room

The amount of dust that is left behind is amazing, you really have a lot to clean up after it's finished.

Next time I share about the basement, you'll get to see finished, painted walls!

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