Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Waylon aka Mr Doggypants in His Custom Sweater

So my sister has this cute little dog named Waylon that she loves to pieces.  And, since I love all my nieces and nephews whether they are a little hairy or not, I kept trying to talk her into knitting again so she could make him a super cute sweater.  In December, when she came to visit, she and I found a cute, hooded sweater pattern; bought the yarn, and she cast on for the hood portion and basically finished that while she was here.  Then she entrusted the rest of the project to me since she hasn't knit in the round yet.  The hood was knit flat on straight knitting needles and then the knitting was joined to knit in the round for the body of the sweater. There were a few tricks thrown in to create the leg openings, and then the sweater was knit to fit Waylon's measurements.    Lastly stitches were picked up around the leg openings and I knit ribbed stitches, and I created the hood by sewing a seam.  Easy peasy....and oh so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

so CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, my doggy pants is famous!! He says thank you Aunt Rose!!

-Doozer (aka Waylon's mommy)