Saturday, March 24, 2012

We have painted walls

After all the mudding and priming was done, it was time to paint.  I wanted something very light to make the space feels as bright as possible, and decided to go with a blue that, depending on the light, looks more white.  We put that blue in the stairwell, hallway, office and media room.  Then, a caribbean blue in the half bathroom and a pale lavendar in the craft room (I figured it was the only room in the house I could get away with a girlie color).

As you can see, the subtle paint color really helps keep the basement from feeling like a basement. Not sure how it'll feel once we're using it, but, it looks good right now!

Yes, the project was going along swimmingly, until we hit a major snag.

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Anonymous said...

It sure has come a long way! You
must be proud of hubbys' hard work.
Keep on posting..Love,as always,