Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crafty Catch-Up

Before I share anything else about what's been happening I wanted to catch you up on crafty projects.  After looking at what I've worked on, it looks like it'll take more than one post!

I made a couple of things for Teacher Appreciation week at Little Man's school.  First up, a candy dispenser for his teacher.  She loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, so I made this dispenser in her favorite color and filled it with one of her favorite treats.  The top actually comes off for easy filling. 

For the teacher assistants and afterschool teachers, I saw this cute idea on Pinterest.  I picked up freezable tumblers and filled them with lemonade packets...then the tag said thanks for being a great "ade".  They went over really well!

For Little Man's special area teachers (art, music, etc.) I got plain cards with envelopes and he drew an appropriate picture on a card and then wrote a personal note...they came out so CUTE!

To thank Mom for a big surprise she sent us...I whipped up this cute little lighthouse card.  It ships flat and then the recipient pulls the middle piece out.  The platform is really simple to make...just an Exacto knife and some measuring.  My scoreboard helped me whip this up in no time...I don't know how I was crafting without one!

Some fun paper crafts definitely took my mind off the health ailments I dealt with during the spring.  Those chest pains led to an emergency room visit, and then a visit to a GI specialist, and then, I had to have an endoscopy.  The doctor found that acid reflux scarred my esophagus so much it had narrowed.  I've been taking medication, hoping it does what it needs to do...and I'm thankful that even though I was so scared, the problem was something that can be dealt with.

I still have so much I want to share!!

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Anonymous said...

I will wait anxiously to see more of your crafty pursuits! I love the
things you come up with...
as always,Love, Mom